We strive to make the vast majority of styles from ‘plant based’ or sustainable fabrics including our luxurious silk and the new innovative Triacetate made from Natural wood pulp. We also have close relationships with all our suppliers and selected them in the knowledge that they uphold similar employment and sustainability values to our own. We have personally seen where and how every piece is made to ensure an ethical supply chain.


Triacetate is a new Eco material for us and one we love for its softness, coolness and easycare nature. What makes it unique is that it is produced from wood pulp and certified by the FSC. This is the mark of responsible forestry and sets the standards for best management throughout the supply chain. It is also endorsed by OEKO-TEX standard 100 which means every element of production has been tested for harmful substances. Our triacetate production partner’s aim is to create a to create a sustainable society through reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives.


We select the finest cotton with a high thread count. Our cotton yarns are woven to create supple, soft fabrics that drape naturally. All our cotton is fully biodegradable and the producers we use are committed to growing cotton responsibly by sustainable working practices and reducing their environmental footprint. We also use Cupro Cotton which contains regenerated incredibly fine cellulose fibre. Our cotton suppliers are GOTS certified, which is a global standard for organic textiles and have OEKO-TEX standard100, guaranteeing the lack of dangerous chemical substances.


The wool we use is from Italy and is extremely luxurious and lightweight. Sourced from a small world renowned producer who has adopted the environmental principles of ISO 14001 the fabric has a high thread count and a remarkable weave to ensure it drapes and moves beautifully. A naturally eco friendly fabric produced from low intensity farming methods.


We love natural silk for it’s beautiful sheen, drape and the way it flows around the body. All the silk we use is certified by SEDEX which is an independent organisation set up to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains. Produced under the principles of the Ethical trading initiative and certified with the BSI to improve environmental management.