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Winter 22

Autumn is behind us as we watch the sun’s rays turn to deep gold and the evenings darken. This season Serena has delivered capsule collections in Cupro cotton, Silk and Plant Based Fibres cleverly designed in fabrics with a natural sheen to them thus enhancing and reflecting the deeper light at this time of year.

Sustainability is always at the forefront of Serena’s mind and never more so with the new Cupro Utility collection. Classic benefit led design is encapsulated in beautifully technical and breathable Cupro cotton. Neutral tones of Navy, Khaki and Ivory ensure true wardrobe versatility and are relaxing to the eye. These are work hard, play hard styles that will be in your wardrobe for years to come.

Shorter days mean back to business in a wearable beautiful silk capsule collection which cossets and skims the form. The classic tailoring shapes look just as perfect in the board room as in the bar after work and address the endless smart/casual dilemma.


“Whenever I'm feeling flat, what brings me the most joy the quickest is to reach for my yellow or pink neon top from Serena Bute - it makes every boring outfit feel reinvented”

~ Trinny Woodall

“I’d be wearing these trousers no matter where I was, the airport, Australia, the streets of New York, and I’d be stopped and asked where they were from. So I thought I could take it to the next level."

~ Serena Bute

"The Serena Bute pants I am wearing in it are one of my most reliable - not to mention forgiving - in, out, shake-it-all-about go to's! Serena's trews are the ultimate ever-after investment"

~ Anna Murphy

"Serena Bute's silk trackies are red carpet-worthy"

~ Harry Walker, The Times Magazine

"I talk a lot about my Serena Bute shirts, of which I have many, and they are my favourite shirts in the world"

~ Trinny Woodall

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